Everywhere but Fossil Springs


Cami and I just got back from a great couple of days exploring everywhere but Fossil Springs. The original plan was for us to go to Fossil Springs, which has two main really cool parts. The first of which we knew to be readily accessible – if a five-mile hike counts as accessible; the second [...]

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Lake Powell


Last weekend (June 29 – 30) my friend Cami and I went camping on Lake Powell. The scenery was incredible. The sides of the lake alternate between sheer cliffs, spots of sandy beaches, and long, shallow points of jutting rock just under the surface. The water itself is a deep blueish green that makes a [...]

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Over the weekend I went to visit my family in Georgia. While there I saw amazing places, wonderful people, and fantastic and dangerous creatures. The first full day of my arrival, Friday, June 26, we went to Dave and Busters. There, Richard smashed me at this quaint game called shuffleboard, which is rather like the [...]

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Peppersauce Caves

Jason, Travis, Cami after caving

Today I went with friends Cami and Jason to the interesting Peppersauce Caves, which are located about 12 miles from the town of Oracle, AZ. The caves were fairly small, in the sense that the network was not very extensive or easy to get lost in – though at a few points I was concerned [...]

IMG_0559Jason, Travis, Cami after caving
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